Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wicked Weekend

I had a wickedly wonderful weekend! Everything ran smoothly except for a couple of false starts. The train I planned to take was sold out, so after a few moments of panic and plans to go buy a new GPS ASAP so I could drive to Toronto, I went down the street and bought a bus ticket. The bus wasn't leaving for half an hour, so I went into the attached Subway to have a sandwich with Chris and the kids before I left. I came out 15 minutes later to find that the bus had already left! Apparently, the practice is, fill the bus and leave as soon as it is full. I must have missed the announcement, so I had to wait an hour for the next bus. I kissed Chris and the kids goodbye and settled in with my book to wait. I would arrive a couple of hours late, but my relaxing weekend had already begun!

Friday night included visiting and fine dining, followed by relaxing in our room and introducing Denise to a new TV experience: What Not to Wear. On Saturday we replicated the show ourselves at the Eaton Centre and The Bay. I had been to The Bay before, but not to The Bay, Toronto's eight story flagship store. Julie led the way, having clearly been called home to her mothership! When four o'clock arrived, Julie probably could have continued her shopping marathon, but Denise and I were beat. We returned to the hotel to rest, regroup and eat before we headed out to the main event, Wicked.

The play was truly wonderful. I hated the book, and I may skim through the rest, but to be honest, the best parts of the play have nothing to do with the book. The music was incredible, the actors were excellent, the sets were breathtaking. I cannot recommend this play highly enough.

What a wonderful way to connect with old friends. We decided we really do need to make this an annual event. Our Wicked Weekend was Wonderful!

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  1. I tired to leave a comment yesterday but it ( the computer ) wouldn't let me! Glad you had fun.