Friday, November 19, 2010

Post by Janelle

Janelle has decided she is taking over my blog for today. She has told me to write exactly what she says. Here goes:

"Janelle and Connor cannot wait for Christmas. They can't wait to see all their toys and presents. Janelle thinks Christmas is a lucky day. Janelle really wants an EZ Bake Oven. Connor wants everything on his Christmas wish list. Today Connor said that Daddy was not going to a meeting, he was going to a fun hockey game. Connor and Janelle and Mommy are going to the new Toys R Us. After that we're going to look at a fabulous book about Santa and Christmas. It has Mrs. Claus in it, too."

Do you see a bit of a Christmas fixation emerging in our household? Perhaps tomorrow I should write a post discussing the evils of commercialism at Christmas. For now, the kids and I are off to the new Toys R Us that has opened about two minutes from our house, while Daddy enjoys an evening at the hockey game. I think I'll be stopping at Starbucks on the way! I do look forward to snuggling under the covers with my kiddies and some newly unearthed Christmas books, brought up from the basement today.

So it begins...


  1. A friend of mine just got her second E-Z bake oven for a 50th Birthday present. She said the one she got as a child melted when she forgot to turn it off - Thinking that she is definately not a cook/baker.