Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just Not Me!

I know many people enjoy woodworking. Many find it relaxing and deeply gratifying. I've heard some even find it is a stress reliever. I am not one of those people.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my latest project. At that point it was coming along quite smoothly, and I was even enjoying the time I was spending working on it and the progress I was making. Now, not so much. I've encountered a few problems that have required sanding right back to the fresh wood and restaining and varnishing again. We may even have to buy some stripper to erase my mistakes. I find that so frustrating! Now every minute that I am working on that despicable cabinet is frought with stress. Every stroke I make I am afraid I am making a mistake that is going to cause me even more work. I am not enjoying it. Quite the opposite. I am resenting it!

Someday, hopefully not too far down the road, I will have a new entertainment cabinet sitting in my family room. I am sure it will be much more pleasing to the eye than what sits there now. But I'm afraid all I will see are the imperfections, and I think my joy in it has been significantly decreased by being part of bringing this project to fruition. So much for the satisfaction of a job well done.

Next time, I hope I'll remember that a new, fully finished piece of furniture is well worth the money! Woodworking is just not for me!

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