Monday, November 22, 2010

A Productive Day

I have been in a funk lately. I have a million things I could be doing every day. If you could see my house you would agree with me! But I just haven't been able to make myself get off my butt and get things done. I have no problem settling in with a good book, or watching something on TV, but cleaning out my mudroom, working on the cabinet (grrrr), or scrubbing my floors just don't seem to get crossed off the "todo list". I had a bit of a breakdown about it over the weekend (okay, so maybe a couple of breakdowns), and this morning I woke up determined to make a change.

I woke up on time. Woohoo! First thing crossed off the list! I kicked Chris out of bed on time. Victory number 2! Everyone had breakfast and I had their lunches made in plenty of time to get them out the door, into the pouring rain. Since it is so rainy today, it is warmer than usual for this time of year, so a perfect time to get some work done on the cabinet that has become the bane of my existence. If I had a nickel for every time I told Chris this weekend never to let me sign up for a project like this again, I would be a rich woman. But today, I was determined. I think I am nearly done. Two small shelves need one more coat of varnish on one side, and the large front doors need two coats on each side. As long as I don't make any more mistakes, it should be finished before we leave for Indiana, ready for Chris to put together and move into the house when we get back.

In between applying coats of varnish I ran out to the grocery store and to run a few other errands. When I got back I did a bit more work on the cabinet before I got a roast ready to put in the crock pot. I promised that I would bring sweets to home group tonight, so I made brownies and chocolate chip cookies. I don't remember the last time the kids came home from school to find warm cookies on the counter. I used to do that all the time! The house smells great, and I feel like I accomplished something.

Sure, my mudroom still needs to be organized before winter is fully upon us, and my floors still need to be scrubbed, but I have not been idle today. I feel like I've been productive. And since I've been struggling in that area lately, that is a great feeling.

The kids will be home in 15 minutes, welcomed by the smell of warm chocolate chip cookies. I think I have time to slap one more coat of varnish on those shelves!

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  1. I bet you'll love that cabinet when you're finished 'cause you've worked so hard on it and it is out of your comfort zone.

    I can't see your next entry about going to Indiana. It says it doesn't exist.