Friday, November 5, 2010

Fun Mom

Chris and Connor planned my birthday dinner the other night. I knew we were going out somewhere, but I didn't know where. Connor told me after school that only he and Dad knew where we were going, and that I wasn't going to find out until we got there. Chris's only comment to me was that dinner was going to be "experiential, not fancy". I had an idea then where we were going, but I made sure to play along until the surprise was revealed. Connor was so excited, and so proud that he had been part of coming up with the idea. We went bowling, big ball bowling, for the first time ever.

There is a bowling alley about five minutes from our home called Palasad, that is attached to an arcade and a fairly nice restaurant, at least when you consider what I would expect from a bowling alley restaurant. Pizza and hot dogs was the menu I expected, and I did have pizza, but it was gourmet chicken pizza, and Chris had some sort of chili pasta dish that was the special that evening. When the waiter found out it was my birthday, he told Chris to ask the waiter in the bowling alley to bring me a piece of cheesecake, on the house (my second of the day!), to enjoy while we had our game.

Our first experience with big ball bowling was hilarious! We had them raise the bumpers for the kids, but not for Chris and I. That was a mistake! My first turn up I got double zero, and the rest of the game wasn't much better. The ball was sooooo heavy! After my first time up I traded mine in for one the same weight as the kids had. Still, it was pretty heavy, and so awkward. It is definitely a whole different kind of game than we were used to. My shoulder and arm were still feeling it yesterday. My final score was tied for last with Janelle. Chris did a bit better than us, but Connor beat Chris by more than 30 points! We did have fun, and of course my favourite part was watching the kids enjoy this new experience we were having together. We made a memory.

I tell this story, not just to give the account of how I spent my birthday, but because of something Chris said afterward. He told me I shouldn't broadcast where they took me for my birthday because bowling doesn't sound like much of a birthday treat for a mom. But he said he didn't hesitate to do it because he knew that I'm the kind of mom who cares more about having fun with her kids than having a fancy meal.  We had considered getting a babysitter that night and going out on a date to celebrate, our first in months. But I couldn't imagine depriving the kids of being part of my special day. Our meal was very nice, but honestly, if it had been hot dogs and potato chips I wouldn't have cared. I won't ever forget our first game of big ball bowling together. And I consider Chris's comment about the kind of mom I am a huge compliment. I always want to be the fun mom, not the fancy mom. My kids had a blast on my birthday. And so did I.

And tonight, while my kiddos are home with a babysitter, I'll be out having a different kind of dinner with my husband. And I'm going to love that, too.


  1. Its amazing how hard it can be to cope with all of life's daily challenges and still have energy left over to be a "fun" mom! Kudos to you and I can totally sympathize!

  2. Having fun and making memories are much better than a fancy dinner anytime! Glad your special day was one to remember.

  3. You were definitely right to broadcast where you went. It's nice sometimes not to do the same old things. I love new experiences, and they can't all be fancy! How boring would that be?!