Thursday, April 1, 2010

Call from the Teacher

Connor's teacher called this morning. It was early, before school started, so I was out taking the kids to school and missed the call. She left a message, just asking me to get back to her by phone, or to stop in this afternoon when I pick up the kids. She said she just wanted to touch base, to keep good communication between us. As a teacher, I've made many similar phone calls myself in the past. So why do I feel a sense of dread?

I know Connor is a good kid. I know that he is certainly not one of the "problem kids" in any class. He is fun, and funny, and kind and friendly. He is a little chatty (ok, at times a lot chatty), and I'm sure he is easily distracted from his work. But all in all, I would love to have a kid like him in my class. And I'm not just saying that because I'm his mom! I can't imagine that she would have anything really serious to discuss. She just wants to make sure that we are both providing Connor with a smooth transition.

So I shouldn't be nervous about meeting with his teacher this afternoon. I shouldn't be, but I am. My "Mama Bear" instincts are kicking in. I know that it is important to keep open communication with the teacher, so that when a problem does arise in any form, we will all be prepared to deal with it together. I am used to coming at this situation from the other side. Being the parent shouldn't scare me!

But I still have a nervous pit in my stomach. And I don't think anything is going to make it go away before 3:30.

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  1. I so hear ya....I got a phone call from Grace's french immers teachera few weeks back. She left a message: call when you can, like to talk to you about Grace,etc. Of course, I couldn't get hold of her for another 2 days during which time I wondered, fretted, imagined, worried.

    About nothing in the end. Just a courtesy to say how well she was doing. Whew. BUT WHY COULDN"T YOU SAY THAT IN THE (bleep) MESSAGE?

    I'm sure it all went well. Love the new blog background. It suits Spring.