Thursday, April 15, 2010

That Smile!

Like all moms, my heart is very tied up in my kids, and especially in their feelings. If one of them is hurting, I am hurting. Connor is a very sensitive soul, and he has had a rough week. He likes his new school, and has fit into his class easily and made friends, but he is struggling with the expectations of his new teacher, particularly in terms of finishing work on time. This week he has spent some time inside during outdoor play times, which is very difficult for Connor. He had a breakdown one night, and I spoke to his teacher about it the next day, and now she has set up a meeting for us to discuss it with her, the principal, and other specialists in the school. It's no surprise that this has upset Connor even more. He doesn't want to be the subject of a meeting. Like me, he just wants life to float by smoothly with not much rippling in the water.

So I was thrilled last night when he started smiling again. Way back when we first told the kids about the move last summer, we promised Connor that we would get a new bed for his room. Maybe a bunk bed, maybe a loft bed, but definitely a new bed. He grabbed on to this promise, and his excitement about moving grew from there. Since we've been here, we've looked at beds, but hadn't settled on the right one that would meet his needs, and our price range. We decided a loft bed would be the right fit, but they are not easy to find. Yesterday I found one. ON SALE!!! So late yesterday afternoon we all trekked out to the store to look at it, and we all agreed it was the perfect one. Then Chris decided he would save the delivery and set up fees and bring it home and put it together himself. It made for a bit of a late school night, but it was so worth it. As you can see from the look on his face, Connor LOVES his new bed! And I love THAT SMILE!!!

(Please disregard the mess on the desk and dresser — We were moving things around quickly and didn't have time to tidy up before picture time).


  1. Wow - that truly is a great smile. I am sure he will soon be settled in and I hope it goes well for him (mostly because I know how much you'll worry about him until he's happy! How do I know? Easy - you're a mom!)

    You think that room is messy - I'll have to post a picture of Grace's room one of these days. Make everyone else feel smug.