Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pure Gold

Only time for a short post this afternoon. I spent the morning on a field trip with Connor; a very cool fire safety/bicycle safety demonstration at the YMCA Children's Safety Village. Connor loved it, and I loved being there to watch him loving it. Unfortunately, safety demos always remind me of all the awful things that could happen, so I try not to dwell on them too much. Hopefully enough to keep my kids and our home safe, but not enough to live in fear.

When I got home I went back to my lovely little scrapbooking nook and made a few greeting cards, before I need to take my table down to make way for my new office area. I had a wonderful time scrapbooking yesterday, but I finished what I need to do, and now my house needs some attention. Of course, I didn't get right to housework when I finished. Instead I picked up the book I started weeks ago, which I love, and read just a few paragraphs before I found one that was so beautiful I just had to record here.

"I simply loved him as if he were my one and only lover, and he loved me too with the same simplicity of appetite and desire which made me wonder what I thought I had been doing all those years when I had been dealing in the false coin of vanity and lust. I had not known then that all along there had been this other currency of pure gold."
Phillipa Gregory, The Other Boleyn Girl

It just seemed so eloquent and true that I had to write it down. It describes perfectly what we feel when we find what we didn't know we were looking for. I could apply it to all sorts of situations: finding Mr. Right, first time motherhood, experiencing God for the first time. So often we think we have the real thing, when what we are really dealing with is counterfeit. Pure gold. The whole idea fills me with profound gratitude for the life that I have been blessed to have.


  1. Thanks for sharing that paragraph. Makes me think of the verse that says something like " to Him who is able to do more than we could ask or imagine". I think I always believed it "could" happen, but now that it has, I hope to never doubt again! I am so unbelievably blessed and thankful for everything wonderful in my life! :)

  2. made me cry!