Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just When I REALLY Needed It!

I have always said that God gives us little treats when He knows we need them. Little "pick-me-ups" that help get us through a really difficult time. Sometimes we don't recognize them for the gifts that they are, but I try to give Him thanks and praise when I do. Tracy's visit was definitely one of those gifts.

The past week had been particularly hard. A lot of things were piling up on me, and I was missing home. When I saw Tracy standing in my doorway Tuesday evening, it was almost surreal. It really took me a few moments to register that she was really there! She definitely pulled off the surprise, with a little help from my husband (who had somehow gotten me to get the spare room ready without suspecting a thing!) I had absolutely no idea that they had been planning this for over a week. Praise the Lord for seat sales!

We had a wonderful visit. I showed her around London, and learned my way around a bit more as I did. We went to a "chick-movie" together. We walked the kids to school. We shopped. And shopped. And then shopped some more. I love helping Tracy spend money! After school yesterday we took the kids to "Candyland", a little candy store in our neighbourhood that we hadn't checked out yet. And last night we had dinner at home, played "UNO Extreme", put the kids to bed, went for a walk, and watched some TV with Chris.

Today we got up early and headed to the Covent Garden Market as soon as the kids were safely delivered to school. We had breakfast at the market and walked around downtown a bit. Then we headed out to shop some more. Tracy had a couple of returns to make, but she ended up spending more money. We found the perfect wall hanging to go over my fireplace, and she decided it was exactly what she was looking for as a housewarming gift for us.

Just after noon we headed back to the house so she could pack up and get on her way to Toronto to meet Blair. I was sad to see her go, but most of all I was just happy that she had come. I feel happy and thankful and connected to home. And ready to get back to real life here.

Thank you so much for coming, TJ! It meant the world to me!

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  1. That's so awesome. I'm off to visit my sister today for the weekend. Always fun.