Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Christopher!

Regardless of the risk of inflating his ego, I have to dedicate my second blog in a row to my wonderful husband, who turned 40 (finally!) yesterday. Chris loves to point out that I was born a whole decade before he was (November 1969 to April 1970). This makes me exactly 5 months and one week older than he is, but he milks that for all it's worth! For this reason, I shamelessly celebrate his birthday every year, but especially milestone years like this one.

We picked Chris up at the airport yesterday morning, and began the celebration by going out to brunch at a little greasy spoon that we found in our neighbourhood. Then we come home and found...


and a gift...

Yes, I know it was a garbage can, but it's what he really wanted. Remember, we just moved into a new house. We actually decided to return it anyway. Might get a bike rack.

We spent the afternoon walking around downtown London. It was Car Free Sunday, so one of the main streets was closed. Great chance to see what's there without the hassle of traffic. We visited a couple of parks and the fountain by the river. We stopped in to the Market and got smoothies. Tons of great photo ops! ...but I left the camera in the car.

We came home and the birthday boy shot some hoops with Connor while I prepared a yummy dinner of tortellini with meat sauce. Then we played UNO and Pass the Pigs before bath time, followed by a bedtime snack of...

While watching Spider-Man 2.

Halfway through the movie, we tucked the kids into bed.  AHHHH, peace and quiet! Then we turned on the fireplace and had a glass of the Mike Weir Carbernet Merlot that Lori gave Chris for his birthday.

Sound like a perfect birthday? I hope the birthday boy thought so!


  1. bought him a garbage can? A Garbage Can? (Shakes head).

    The Cabernet Merlot sounds more my speed:)

    Happy birthday, Chris.

  2. Really, it's what he wanted!!! He appreciated it! But we are taking it back. Doesn't fit where we want it to go. I'd rather have a bike rack anyway.

    His real present was actually the Raptors tickets, but I couldn't let the day go by without giving him ANYTHING. Okay, I agree, a garbage can is lame... I'll probably never live it down. :(

  3. I forgot about the Raptors tickets. You're off the hook. :)