Friday, April 30, 2010

Prayer for our Soldiers

I have a friend who kissed her soldier husband goodbye yesterday. He'll be in Afganistan for seven months. He has two young sons missing their Daddy already. It breaks my heart to think about the pain she is feeling today. I really can't focus my mind on much else.

I kissed my husband goodbye this morning. He'll be gone for eight to ten hours, and he'll be in no real danger while he is gone. He travels occasionally for work, and I hate it when he is gone for more than a night or two. I complain about having to manage mealtimes and bedtime routines by myself. I hate sleeping alone. But my complaints seem so very petty when I think about the long, lonely months that my friend is facing today.

This war has not hit close to home for me. I occassionally remember to pray for those members of our armed forces placed in harm's way across the world. That shames me today. I need to make their safety a matter of daily prayer, and reach out to those waiting at home.

Prayer for Our Soldiers

Lord, to you be bring our plea,
We humbly ask on bended knee,

We pray that you would be shield,
That around our soldiers, evils yield.

We pray that from each day's new start,
You'd bless them with a fearless heart.

We know that there's a time for war,
Lord, bless this cause they're fighting for.

Help them bravely fight the fight,
Guide them always with Your might.

Be there Lord, when times grow lonely,
Help them feel Your Spirit only.

Lift them up and draw them near,
Kiss away each salty tear.

Hold them close 'til there's no doubt
Of what your love is all about.

Guard their feet on rocky trails,
Guard their minds, so they'll not fail.

We pray that not one weapon prospers,
And that no act of terror fosters,

Against our beloved soldiers here,
For oh Sweet Lord, we hold them dear!

For Mark Allen Frye
by Sharon Frye

My friend's church held this family up in prayer last Sunday, and I know they appreciated the prayers. Their only concern was that people continue to pray and to care for this woman and her children while her husband is gone. I know his greatest concern is for his family, and that people will continue to shower them with the love he will not be here to demonstate for the next seven months. She will be missing his touch, and worrying constantly. Their boys will be asking for their Daddy. It is a long time, and a few weeks from now, most of the world will be busy with their routines and not taking time to think about those protecting our freedom overseas. I wrote this to remind myself to pray for all of them, since I don't live close enough to do much else, and to encourage others to remember her, and other military families, in these difficult times.

This is a sad morning for my friend. But two other ladies I know are welcoming new life into the world today! So this is a glorious morning for them! The Bible tells us to praise God in all circumstances, so that's what I'm choosing to do today. I'm thanking the Lord for these precious new babies, and praising Him for the happy reunion that will take place in November.


  1. be thankful.... wherever we find our every situation!!! Beautifully written my friend!

  2. You are a very good writter Leanne. I have thought about this blog many times over the day. It means a lot to me and I am very thankful for your kindness towards us while we are facing this very big challenge. People like you, acknowledging this, without knowing me real real well, is a light in a world that sometimes is tainted by self absortion and ignorance. i cannot expect anyone to 'get'it if they have not been here but you feel for me and that tells me you have a beatiful heart.