Monday, April 26, 2010

Red Tape and Holes in the Wall

I am always slow getting going on Mondays, and Mondays following a long weekend are especially hard. The kids had Friday off for a PD day, and it was a beautiful day so they enjoyed lots of outdoor play with friends in the neighbourhood, while I tried to help my house recover from the days of neglect due to Tracy's whirlwind visit. Saturday we all trekked out to the Spring Home and Garden Show, then came home and worked in the yard and showed the basement to a potential contractor. And yesterday we went to church again (a much better, more friendly experience this time), and the kids and I went to see How to Train Your Dragon in the afternoon. We've had lots of fun family time, and now that the house is quiet again, it is time for me to get some work done.

I've already been somewhat productive. My goal for this week is to get a good start at becoming eligible to teach in London. So this morning I sat right down and called the Board Office to find out what is required of me to get on the Occasional Teachers list in London. Apparently all that is required is that I reactivate my membership with the Ontario College of Teachers, and set up a profile on the Apply to Education website. Sounds simple, but there is a lot of red tape involved in those simple steps.

Red tape. I hate red tape. Why can't things be simple? First I have to dig through boxes (of scrapbooking supplies, I think, so maybe this is a good thing...) to find my teaching portfolio which contains my NB Teachers' Certificate and contact numbers for my references. I also have to contact those references (who all have to be principals) and make sure they remember me from when I worked for them all those years ago. Then I have to contact UNB and have them send my transcripts to the Ontario College of Teachers. I have to go to the Police and get an up-to-date criminal record check. And it goes on.... Is this all really worth the effort?

Of course it is. Because I worked hard to earn a degree that says I can teach elementary school. I have valuable experience that is worthy of being put to use. And I love teaching. I just hate the red tape that I have to tangle through to get into a classroom!

Chris suggested that I work through some of that red tape every morning before I start writing my blog. Then I can use blogging as a reward. But the real reward I am going to give myself today is this: I am going to start hanging pictures on the wall. What makes a house feel more like a home than pictures on the wall? It's time. And after overwhelming myself with the idea of all that red tape, I deserve a reward. So I'm off to get the hammer and the level. It's time to start making some holes in the walls!


  1. Silly me. I thought you were covering up holes in your wall with red tape, and was about to send a kind and tactful interior designer to visit you to suggest alternatives:)

    I hate red tape in all its forms. Bureaucracy, from the latin word meaning takes something simple and make it as complicated as possible.

  2. Denise, you always make me laugh! I have this mental image now of my walls covered in big x's of red tape! You can take an unpleasant reality and make it something to get a chuckle out of!

  3. I'd never be able to teach in London if I had to go through all that and more!

  4. I wish you were teaching with me again:(