Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time to Get Lost

For the first time since I started Chris's challenge, I really don't feel like writing today. Maybe it's because it's a beautiful day and I'd rather get out for a walk. Maybe it's because I know I have a pile of forgotten mail to go through, so I can find out which bills I'm unintentionally ignoring. Perhaps it's because I know that I need to get to the store today to get ready to play "Easter Bunny" on the weekend. Or it could be because of my strong desire to get back to those last few unopened boxes (Ha -- no one said the blog couldn't be funny!)

All good reasons. But not the right ones.

I love books. Anyone who knows me knows this. One of my very favourite things in life is to curl up in a corner and get lost in a good book. For the past two months I haven't had time. Sure, I've done some reading before I fall asleep at night, or even a couple of times in my new jacuzzi. I even finished a book the other day. But I haven't had the "I love this book so much I can't put it down, and I am going to just sit here and do nothing but read for a couple of hours" experience. Since we've moved here, I haven't let myself have that experience. There is WAY too much to do to settle in with a book, and I didn't want Chris or the kids to come home and say "So what exactly did you do today anyway?"

Writing, however, is allowed. Because of the challenge. I feel obligated to add to this blog daily, no matter how much time it steals from other worthy tasks. So I have poured myself into it. But not today. Today, the blog gets 10 minutes. That's it.

Why? Because I started a new book yesterday, and I think it's one I could get lost in. So I will do all the things that I mentioned above, that really need to be done today. But for the next 45 minutes I am heading back in time several hundred years. I'll set a timer to make sure I find my way back to the 21st century.

But meanwhile, don't call. They didn't have phones back then, so I won't answer.


  1. I need to know: What are you reading? Will you post a review? I'm jealous because I'm doing a preliminary feasibility study on wind power and am therefore NOT immersed in centuries past,but am wishing I were.

  2. "The Other Boleyn Girl" -- I remembered your recommendation. I love it! I just spent an extra 20 minutes researching the Tudors online to refamiliarize myself with everyone. I don't know how I'm going to do all I need to do now that I'm caught up in this book!

    I'm so glad I'm NOT doing a feasibility study on wind power! Have a great day!