Monday, March 29, 2010

Technical Difficulties

I am not particularly computer savvy. I generally can navigate my way around the computer and get things done, but if a problem arises, I am nothing without my hubby. He is the computer genius in the family. That's why I find it so frustrating when things don't work when he isn't around! Today is one of those days.

I am not writing in the morning today. Usually I drop the kids off at school, come home and sit write down at the computer to compose my morning post. But today I needed to upload pictures of our weekend trip to Toronto before I could start writing. This is where I encountered my first issue. The computer did not recognize the SD card reader, so no matter how many times I slid the card into the reader, the computer insisted there was nothing on it. This is not a new problem. In fact, it has happened countless times and drives me crazy. But because it is not a new problem, I was able to solve the issue on my own. Restart the computer, and try again. I set the computer to restart and went upstairs to open some boxes.

After getting lost in the spare room for a while, I found my way out and came back down to try again. Success! I got some really great pics of the kids with/in the CN Tower that I could not wait to upload. Unfortunately, something is screwy with Blogger's uploader today. It is telling me that my pictures were successfully uploaded, but they are not appearing on my post. I have tried over and over and over and over again. No pictures. For that reason, I am delaying my post documenting our weekend adventures in Toronto. I just can't do it without pictures. Sometimes I really hate computers. They just aren't easy enough for people like me.

However, since I had to write a post today to meet the challenge, you got to read about my technical difficulties. Definitely not my favourite post. Pretty boring actually. But the challenge stated only that I write something, not that it be profound or brilliant. So there you are.

"We apologize. We are experiencing technical difficulties. We will resume our regularly scheduled program when it becomes available." Hopefully tomorrow.

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