Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Great Expectations

I need to start off this post by apologizing to my brilliant husband. My last post implied that he didn't know exactly what he was doing when he challenged me to write every day. How I underestimated him! Of course his main goal was to get me in the habit of writing, so much that I would be hooked by the time summer came. I think he is still holding out hopes that I'll be a published author someday, and he knows that writers need to write. It was all part of his master plan. Congratulations and thank you, Chris! You tricked me into it!

School is officially over for the year! The kids arrived home yesterday with big smiles, full back packs, and great report cards. Connor received a "Math Master" award and Janelle was given an award for "Most Cooperative". Once again, they were both beaming with pride when they showed me their awards. There is something so magical and promising about the last day of school. The air is absolutely electric. I have loved the feeling for over 30 years! Freedom! Nearly 10 weeks of possibility stretching out ahead of us.

I always start the summer excited! It is my very favourite time of year. The slower pace, fewer demands on my time, sunny days, family events. I love summer. The kids are playing at the playground and I am dreaming up ways to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of this precious season. Today started off on the right foot: I didn't get out of bed until after 9 a.m. Lots more days like that are sure to come. Our four-week trip to New Brunswick will dominate the middle of the summer. Four weeks sounds like a lot, but I know it will FLY by! Between visiting friends and family in Fredericton and Saint John and enjoying lazy days at Tracy's cottage, I know the time will disappear way too fast. I'm also counting on beach time here in Ontario, maybe a visit to African Lion Safari or Canada's Wonderland, rainy day trips to the library, a sunny day visit to Storybook Gardens, maybe a family bbq in Toronto, and lots of time reading one of the many books I have stacked and waiting (now that's another post waiting to be written). And of course there is still that basement we have to get finished.... Summer.

I know that nine weeks from now I'll be realizing there are only a few precious days left, and we didn't accomplish nearly as much as we had hoped. But as long as I am intentional about making summer days their very best, I know many of my great expectations will be realized. Now Connor is off to a friend's house to enjoy the pool, and I can hear Janelle and her friend Avery laughing outside my window. We're off to a great start!

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