Friday, June 11, 2010

Plans on Hold

Three days ago we were ready to get right at the basement and get it finished. Today we aren't sure when it will be done.

Chris had his misgivings about our decision to hire a couple of guys starting their own business to do the basement, and when it got right down to the night before they were going to come, he shared more of his concerns with me.  I didn't feel comfortable with it if he didn't feel comfortable with it. He called them yesterday morning and asked them to clarify of few areas of concerns, and the answer he got was not satisfactory. So we decided not to use them after all.

Chris has always wanted to do the work himself. He knows what he wants to do, and he knows how he wants it done. He has done it before, and knows he could do a good job. I know that he is meticulous about any project he is working on. He does not cut corners about anything. The only issue is time. The idea of having our basement finished in a month was so tempting! But really, it doesn't need to be finished until winter. He really could take a couple of weeks of vacation and do most of it. Or even a week and then hire the rest out.

He is going to meet with another company, a well-established one this time, in a couple of weeks. We don't expect they'll have time to do the work this summer, but perhaps they could take it on in the fall. In that case, Chris may be able to get a start on it and they can finish it up later. Either way, I know he'll feel much better about the end product.

So I guess the "time for the big project" has not come after all. Plans are on hold until further notice. But most of the boxes are cleaned out of my basement...

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  1. You'll be so happy you waited in the long run. Hopefully Chris will get some time to do it sooner than you expect. You can always hope.