Monday, June 7, 2010

Bike Day!

Yesterday was bike day at the Haines household.

Janelle learned to ride her bike without training wheels.
She did a great job, learning in just about half an hour.

Afterward, she biked all the way home from the ball park by herself. What an accomplishment! She was so proud of herself — and we were pretty proud of her, too.

Afterward, we all piled into the van (Grandma, Papa, Connor, Janelle, Chris and me) and went to Zellers to buy Connor a new bike. He has grown so much that his knees hit the handlebars of his old one, so it was time. We knew the kind of bike that we wanted was on sale, so we decided to go and see if they had a 24" bicycle that would be perfect for Connor. It was clearly destiny — the only 24" bike they had was green! He was sold right away!

It was a special day. One that we will always remember.

And we're especially glad that Grandma and Papa got to be here for it, too!

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  1. Great pictures. THe kids look like they're having a blast, and your parents haven't changed a bit. Takes me back years to see them...pass my regards on to them both. I bet you're having a great visit.