Tuesday, June 22, 2010

African Lion Safari

Today was Janelle's end of year school trip to African Lion Safari. Great spot, but POURING RAIN!!! There were moments without rain, but there were many moments of torrential downpour! But it wasn't all bad.

We sat with Janelle's teacher on the way and on the way back, and I got to know and appreciate her much more.
We saw some AMAZING animals really close, and since they weren't baking in the sun, they were alert and walking around.

I got to know a neighbour, the mom of one of Janelle's friends who lives on the next street.

I found out what it's like to watch an elephant show through pouring rain. I had always wondered...

I made a new memory with my daughter.

Janelle enjoyed all of it, rain or no rain!

The good news is, the sun came out, just as we were leaving!

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