Sunday, June 13, 2010

What Monster Ate My Weekend?

Suddenly it is Sunday night. How did that happen? It must have been that ruthless "time-eating monster" again.

Friday night was quite peaceful. Chris and Connor went to a movie. Janelle and I did some shopping and junior web-surfing. The boys got home after 10, and we all went to bed shortly after that.

Janelle had soccer pictures taken first thing Saturday morning. Then we tried a new place for breakfast. It was okay, but we can tick it off our list and move on to another. Off to Costco, Canadian Tire, Home Depot and the local garden center to stock up for all the work we planned to do this weekend. Quick lunch at the Lions Club hot dog stand. Then it was time to party. Well, not for me. For my very popular daughter who was scheduled to attend her fourth and fifth birthday parties since moving to London. The first was a pool party, and although the skies threatened thunder showers all day, it was a perfect day for it. Hot, hot, hot. Out to buy a few more supplies during the party, including a flat of fresh Ontario strawberries, grown so near my house I can practically smell the field — YUM! Sent Chris and Connor to Home Depot to buy supplies for converting the cold room to a warm room. Back to get Janelle, so she could be delivered to the next party, at a neighbour's house. This time Connor was invited as well, so Chris and I could get lots done!

NOT. Sent both children off to the party. We unloaded the van and ended up debating whether or not we even need to convert part of the cold storage room to a warm storage room. Somehow that decision ate up most of our free two hours. We did manage to squeeze in an ice cream and some shopping for patio furniture. But didn't get done nearly what we both had hoped. Kids came home. Chris went back to Home Depot.

Suddenly it was bath time. Janelle got out of the tub and I went outside to find Connor. I spent 10 minutes looking for him and chatting with neighbours, and when I came back in I found Janelle sound asleep in her bed, no pjs, tangled wet hair soaking her pillow. She had a busy day!

My hubby suffered through televised chick movies all evening, mostly because neither of us had the energy to change the channel. Went to bed somewhat early, and woke up this morning to Janelle, (I apologize, but I had to suffer through it, so you do too) covered in vomit. Sometime during the night she had thrown up, but she had no memory of it, so the two of us had to get her and her disgusting (but still pretty purple) bedroom cleaned up. She felt fine. Do we go to church? Do we warn Jocelyn and Mark and their new baby, who are supposed to come for lunch? Yes to both. Janelle felt fine. Must have been heatstroke, which her brother gets fairly often. Off to church.

We went to the same church as the last two weeks. Still nearly ready to declare it is "our church", but waiting for.... I'm not sure what. I enjoyed the service. The kids happily ran upstairs at Junior Church time. It almost felt like home. Maybe someday it will. Church ended. Back on the treadmill that was our weekend.

Stopped at Home Depot and Canadian Tire to try to make a decision about patio furniture for the front veranda. Then hurried home to get lunch ready before Jocelyn and Mark arrived. They decided to come after all. After dessert, Jocelyn, Ellie and I left the dishes to our husbands and hurried off to her church shower. Two hours of new faces, but I did feel like an honoured guest, and it was so good to see how loved Jocelyn is in her church. So many people have prayed so long for this baby to arrive safely. I was thankful to be able to be there.

Back home. Supper time. Phone call from Karen. Made up Janelle's room with clean sheets and got her snuggled into bed. Then I took out my contact lenses and put on my pjs.

Hmmmm... I think I forgot something. What could that be? What did I promise to do before the end of the weekend? The end of the weekend? How could it suddenly be the end of the weekend? Some monster named "Busyness" ate my weekend. And I have to write my blog post.

Check. Now all I have to do is wrestle Connor away from the basketball game, tuck him into bed, and settle down with my book. On the couch. In front of my husband's beloved basketball game. Bye-bye weekend. See you in 5 more days.


  1. Weekends are always a blur as was my whole last week. I had to write about it with bullets and I'm sure I forgot much of it!

  2. I did forget something to put in my entry....that a very special friend called me long distance!!