Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Wealth of Friendships

I'm often complaining lately about my lack of friends in London. It's true that I haven't made any new close friendships here yet, but I was reminded in the past couple of days that I cannot complain about a lack of friendship in my life whether it be nearby or afar. All I really need are those little reminders...

Yesterday Merry-Lynne reminded me of how much she appreciated my phone call Friday, even if it was right at supper time and just to get an address.

Julie called last night, but I missed her called while I was out running errands.

Krista called me last night and we talked for nearly an hour and when I got off the phone I couldn't get the smile off my face. How I miss her voice! But the wonderful thing is, every time I hear it, it's still the same!

Today I spent the day with Jocelyn and her little baby, Ellie. So much fun! We shopped and we talked and we cooed over precious Ellie. It truly is wonderful to have a connection to home here in Joss. I hope she knows how much I appreciate her.

And after a little pity-party I had on the weekend, I realized that I need to wake up and recognize that my very best friend, my husband, is right here with me, experiencing everything that I am experiencing, and loving me even during my pity-parties. He still calls me nearly every day, just to see how I'm doing and remind me that he cares. Even if he was the only friend I had, it would be enough.

But I am truly blessed. He is not all I have. I mentioned a few of my friends, but I have so many more! And in just a month I'll be making a trip to see them. I can't wait. Part of me worries about the time when I'll have to say goodbye to them, but my conversation with Krista last night reminded me that goodbyes are never forever. I know when "my girls" and I go out for lunch or evening cheesecake next month we will laugh every bit as hard as we did before I moved. Things will have changed and our lived will have gone on, but in a small way, time will have stood still.

And I also know that someday soon I will make new friends here in London. One of the other moms at the school today mentioned that we should exchange phone numbers and get our boys together this summer. She is really nice, and makes a point to speak to me every time we cross paths at the school or in the community. Perhaps that is a new friendship waiting to happen...


  1. It all comes in time, as you well know. When you first moved to Kenn Valley, you knew very few people (I don't think either one of us really recalled meeting years earlier). When you went to Fredericton for University you only knew a few people there. All will come around in time, and for now you probably won't see any less of friends like me who were in SJ area, and you can talk to me anytime you need. With the time change I should actually be home by the time the kids are asleep :).
    I know it isn't easy at first - but once you get out and around more it will all be fine - friend wise - after all you have always made a lot of friends.

  2. You may want to but you'll never be able to get rid of us - your friends! I think Julie is right, it will come as you are just too friendly not to make friends. Can't wait to see you next month!