Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lonely Canada Day

Happy Canada Day -- except it wasn't. Do you ever wish you had a "Do-Over Day"? Everything about today was disappointing. We did absolutely nothing to really celebrate the day. We tried, but not until very late in the afternoon. We can hear parties going on in the neighbourhood, but we didn't get any invitations. We headed in town, but saw only street vendors trying to sell us things we didn't want to buy. We thought about driving to Port Stanley to check out the beach there, but Connor had a headache and we decided that it would be better for the kids to get to bed so everyone is healthy for our drive to Indiana tomorrow. We ordered pizza and played croquet in the backyard. I couldn't even enjoy my victory! We won't see fireworks to mark the holiday because it is really too late for all of us when we have a day of driving ahead of us. We promised the kids Fourth of July fireworks as a consolation. All I can think about is the party going on in Fredericton that we're not attending. I'm deeply longing to be there today! It is small consolation to know that it is raining in Freddy. The weather is lovely here, but I'm sad. I think I'll go pack my suitcase and head to bed, looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow.
This picture was the last of many taken in an attempt to commemorate Canada Day 2010.
The kids were not in smiley moods.
Neither was I.
Grumpy photographers do not produce good photos.
In light of that fact, I think this picture isn't half bad.
The one below was taken earlier, and shows how hard I was trying to make them smile.
As I'm posting this the people partying across the street are setting off fireworks. I guess I do get to see some Canada Day fireworks this year!
Regardless of how bad my day is, these faces can always make me smile!


  1. Indiana? THE Indiana? Where in Indiana are you going, and are you aware that Indianapolis is a mere 5 hours from Nashville?

  2. I missed you as I've already said but you'll be here very soon! And how could that second picture not make you smile? Love, love, love it!

  3. Robin, we went to Indianapolis to visit Peter and Ellen Moore. We had a wonderful weekend with them, a bunch of Canadians celebrating the Fourth of July in style! We had about a 7 hour drive (including stops and a wait at the border), so you're about 12 hours from us. We'll have to plan a trip to Nashville someday! Or you guys could always come visit London... We thought of you as we were driving through, remembering our last trip to Indiana for your wedding!

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