Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Swimming this Summer!

I was already composing a post in my head about packing day, when I heard the door burst open and Janelle come in, tears streaming down her face and her arm held close to her body. She had fallen off her bike. Fine. Mom's prescription: a few kisses and some ice on it while snuggled up in front of her favourite TV show. After I had her settled somewhat comfortably, I came upstairs and dug out the suitcases. About 10 minutes later Chris, who just happened to be doing some work from home this morning, came up and said "Leanne, I'm not sure her arm is okay. It's really swelling and something doesn't seem right." I went down and checked it out, and I had to agree. Something just didn't seem right, and the pain didn't seem to be lessening at all. So off we went to the walk-in clinic, convinced I was only going so a doctor could reassure me that nothing was wrong.

Not so.

About three hours later, following a visit to an x-ray clinic and another to Children's Hospital, we arrived home with a cast on Janelle's precious little fractured arm, and instructions not to get it wet, and to somehow manage to get a referral to an orthopedic clinic in Fredericton next week, so she can get another x-ray and a new cast. Yep, this is just what we needed two days before we leave for NB!

I'm so proud of my daughter. She kept such a great attitude all day. There were no tears after the initial shock wore off. By the time we went for her x-ray she was even smiling! And when I told her she probably wouldn't be able to swim this summer (one of Janelle's all-time favourite things) she only slightly hesitated before saying "That's okay, Mommy. There are other fun things to do". What an amazing kid!

Hopefully she will only need the cast for four weeks. Unfortunately that means the four weeks of our trip to NB. But at least she would still be able to swim during our last three weeks of summer after we come back to London. If she can, I'll be doing everything I can to find her awesome swimming spots as much as possible! She deserves it! My brave little trooper!


  1. Keep up the good attitude, Janelle. Note to Mom - A little pampering goes a long way to getting it all better. The kids will be so happy to see all their NB friends and relatives and Janelle will get so much attention with the cast - those four weeks will just fly by.

  2. I know they will! Too fast! See you soon!

  3. Omigosh! And to think she just learned to ride...poor little darling! And so brave.

    Hope everything went well to get ready for NB...I know everyone there can't wait to see you!