Thursday, July 15, 2010

Packing Day

Yesterday was supposed to be packing day. Today was supposed to be "finish up a few odds and ends" day. If you've read yesterday's post you know what interupted my plans for yesterday. Today Janelle is fine. She went to bed last night without a word of complaint, and only got up once for some Advil and a snuggle. She hasn't asked for any medication today, and hasn't complained of pain at all. Thank goodness for small blessings!

My day started with a call to our doctor's office in Fredericton. I hadn't informed them of the move yet, since we don't have a new family doctor yet. I told them that my daughter broke her arm yesterday and that we need to get into a fracture clinic by the end of next week to have her cast changed. They were not encouraging. They finally gave us an appointment Tuesday, but said they can't imagine being able to get her in to a fracture clinic before a week following that. I insisted that the doctor here said she'll need a new cast by next Friday at the latest. They were still not helpful. Finally I accepted the Tuesday appointment, but said I would probably just go to the ER on Wednesday and wait for someone to help her. I'm sure I would be waiting a long time in that scenario! Chris called another doctor who is a friend of ours to see if she could help in any way, and my sister knows an orthopedic surgeon in Saint John that she is going to call. Such bad timing! But somehow, before next weekend I will have my daughter in a new cast!

So I have all this to worry about while I'm trying to do laundry and pack and make a grocery list (snacks for the trip and supplies for Chris while he is here without us). I have started, as you can see above, but I'm not it a good mental place right now to make all the decisions involved in what to take and what to leave behind. I am not a list maker, but on days like today I recognize the value of a list. Time to grab a scrap of paper and try to think of all the things we could possibly need for four weeks in New Brunswick. It's overwhelming! But I know that now I am just using my blog as a form of procrastination, so I'll be signing off. Not sure when my next post will happen, but hopefully it will be written from New Brunswick!

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  1. Everything will work out. It usually does. Try to relax and enjoy your visit home. have a wonderful time.