Monday, July 12, 2010

A Hard Weekend's Work

The cover of the box said "Assembles in 4 Hours". The cover of the instruction booklet inside the box said "Assembles in 6-8 Hours". In fact it took three of us 2.5 hours on Saturday, and 10 hours on Sunday to put up the play structure in our backyard. And it still isn't finished!

Okay, so I did spend a lot of the afternoon sitting in the shade on the deck reading a book, but I was completely "available" to help at a moment's notice. Connor was the true helper. He was ready and willing to take on any task assigned to him. He is really more confident with a drill than I am! Janelle wanted to help, but after realizing that there really wasn't much she could do, she retreated to the air conditioning inside and the Family Channel.

Chris was our hero. He was tireless in the relentless sun and heat. I covered and recovered him with sunscreen and he still went to bed with a sunburn. He put things together, took them apart, and put them back together better. He was not going to let this be a less than ideal swing set. He was (and is) a truly Awesome Dad.

Today there is a swing set in the back yard. There is no slide yet. There are no monkey bars yet. There is no climbing wall yet. Hopefully by tomorrow. But today there are swings... hanging lonely in the the pouring rain. But they are there, available whenever the kids decide to brave the wet backyard. They can play on the play structure whenever they want... for four days until they leave it for a month. But what an exciting thing it will be to come home to!

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