Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fabulous Fourth of July!

I am a very proud Canadian, so the fact that I had a dreary Canada Day and a wonderful Fourth of July should not reflect on my patriotism. I can't say enough about the fantastic weekend we had in Indiana. Everything about it was great! Chris and Peter had lots of guy time; Ellen and I did just the right amount of shopping; the kids all had a blast together. The fireworks every night were just the icing on the cake!

Our kids loved each other, and had an awesome time together.

The guys were truly goofy together, as always.

My hilarious friend Ellen and me — I wanted to bring her home just so she could keep making me laugh!

Tour of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Fourth of July campfire, waiting for fireworks. We had  a perfect view in the backyard.

Don't tell Connor and Julia, but this one is for their wedding — Ellen and I are already scheming!

Sweet Shorey! We all fell in love with her!

Celebrating a wonderful weekend!

It is so rare that we find friends who click so completely. Ellen and I were like sisters before we even knew Peter and Chris, and the boys grew up together, buddies for many years before they knew us. We were in each other's weddings, lived in the same city our first year of marriage, and had all our children within a few years of each other. We had so much fun watching our children getting to know each other and enjoying each other as much as we always have. It is such a blessing to have the Moores living a mere 7 hours away, perfect for long weekend visits.

Memories of our weekend in Indiana:

  • Barbecue, campfire (with Chris's first smores!) and fireworks our first night there.

  • All five kids sleeping in Julia's room — just because they wanted to!

  • Saturday morning shopping trip to Target for Ellen and me.

  • Tour of the Indy 500 Raceway for Chris, Peter and the kids.

  • Wet and wonderful afternoon at a waterpark on a hot Indiana day.

  • Evening shopping at Kohl's for Ellen and me, closing the store and watching fireworks all the way home

  • July 4 Sunday morning service at Fall Creek Wesleyan Church.

  • All of the kiddos making an epic movie with Connor's camera and sharing it with us via Wii.

  • Celebrating the Fourth of July at Conner Prairie, where the kids and dads learned to throw a tomahawk, Shorey and Janelle held a newborn baby chick, and we all learned how not to discipline students from a Quaker school teacher — all in 104F heat!.

  • Afternoon game of Settlers of Catan — Congratulations to Mallory, the victor!

  • Traditional Fourth of July cookout, with hamburgers and hotdogs, corn, beans, and potato salad. We Canadians really know how to celebrate Independence Day!

  • Campfire, fireworks, more smores, sparklers, more fireworks, Peter's noisemakers in the street, more fireworks — lots of Fourth of July fun!

  • Learning to play Euchre in the wee hours of the morning, after the kids were finally asleep.

  • A morning game of Settlers of Catan — Congratulations to ME, the victor!

  • Sad goodbye hugs all around, but promises of a Moore family visit to London on Labour Day weekend. Not sure if we can provide the fun that they did, but we'll try and I can't wait!

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  1. Having a hard time getting past the fact that Chris had never had S'mores! Huh?

    Seriously, sounds like you had a spectacular time and am glad it made up for your dreary Canada Day.