Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful for a Cold?

I have had a nagging cold for nearly a week now, and today I think I am starting my way onto the upward swing. At least I have decided that it's time to get better. I volunteered in the hot lunch program at school today, I'm going in Tuesday and Thursday mornings to work at the book fair, and my house needs some serious attention (ask anyone in my family). So I don't have anymore time to be sick.

But I am thankful that this weekend I did have some time to lay in bed or on the couch and concentrate on getting better. I'm thankful that my husband took over kitchen duty in the midst of the pile of work he had to do, and my kids found ways to entertain themselves. I'm thankful that my Sunday School co-workers took over and allowed me to sit quietly in the service with Chris yesterday morning. I'm thankful that I had time to finish a really good book (yes, the one with the missing pages). And I'm extremely thankful for cold medicine which allowed me to breathe and therefore enjoy my time on the couch.

And once in a while, don't we need an excuse to just hang out on the couch? Sure, it would be better without the pounding headache and painful coughing, but as I said, that's what cold medicine is for. So I'm ready to get better, but in the spirit of true gratitude, today, I'm thankful for my cold.

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  1. Sometimes, just hanging out on the couch is exactly, precisely where we need to be. Take care of that cold:)