Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Super-Dad to the Rescue!

Yesterday Connor came home from school and set right to work on a presentation that was due today. I had spent some time with him on the weekend choosing pictures that represented his subject, but he wanted to put in transitions and labels and set it all to music. I have no idea how he does it — he is becoming far more computer savvy than I am! He spent nearly two hours getting it just right, and after we had dinner and he had gotten ready for basketball he tried to burn it to a DVD. I was downstairs cleaning up the kitchen when I heard him howl.

"It's all gone! Everything I did today is gone!" He was inconsolable. Nothing I said could reassure him that it would be okay. We had to leave for basketball practice, and he was in a state of hysteria. I didn't have one clue what to do to find that file on the computer. Chris was staying at work until it was time to pick Connor up from practice, so I called him to see if he had any kind of "magic fix". At first, Connor wouldn't even speak to his dad on the phone. He was determined to scream and cry and insist that he would be getting an F on the project. Finally, between Chris and I, he calmed enough to get in the van and head to practice. I was able to talk to him a bit about his response to the situation while we drove. I told him that having a fit when something goes wrong (which I'm sure he either learned from me or it's something we share in our common DNA) is showing God that we are not trusting him to take care of the situation. We prayed together on our way, and by the time we reached the high school, Connor seemed ready to go in and focus on basketball for two hours. I headed home, continuing to pray for my boy as I drove.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was hosting our Community Group last night, so when Chris and Connor arrived home we were in the middle of our meeting. I heard them go upstairs and assumed they were looking into the problem. Only ten minutes later they came downstairs, Connor heading to the refrigerator for a drink, and Chris joining our group in the family room. I mouthed across the room to Chris "Did you find it?" and he nodded with a smile. Relief flooded through me, and I winked at Connor as he made his way upstairs to bed.

Chris is amazing with just about any computer problem. Sometimes it takes him hours or even days to figure it out, but I have yet to see him permanently stumped. I am completely boggled by almost anything computer related. Sure, I can navigate my way around things that are intentionally made easy for dolts like myself, but I do not in any way understand the inner workings. I am so thankful that Chris's talents fill in where my own are lacking. Parenting isn't easy, but at least when there are two of us we can cover most of the bases. I know there are many single parents doing an awesome job on their own, but I am eternally grateful that I am not one of them.

Today, I am thankful for an amazing husband who is a Super-Dad to our kids. And I am thankful for an opportunity to teach my son something about leaning on God to take care of our problems instead of immediately panicking. Sometimes He uses those situations as little reminders to me as well.

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  1. Chris is indeed a Super Dad but you are in no way a dolt! For some reason I can write on my kitchen computer but not on my work one. The staff has a google account and even though I signed out of it and signed in as cardslinger, it refuses to work but I can at least comment from home now!