Thursday, November 10, 2011

Out of Control!

Today was a crazy day. If it weren't for my NaBloPoMo vow I certainly would not be writing tonight. I spent the day on a field trip with Connor, then ran to a shoe store to use a Groupon that was about to expire, then picked up the kids at school, both of whom had more than the usual amount of homework. Of course! On Thursday! Our crazy day! I was ahead of the game enough that I had dinner on the table by 4:30, but after that, everything spun out of control.

Janelle had to write two Christmas letters to soldiers overseas, plus a spelling test to study for, and Connor had an interview write-up to complete, rough copy and good copy. Janelle got most of hers done in time for her dance class at 5:00. I dropped her off planning to head right home and make sure Connor was getting his project done before basketball time, but before I made it out the door I heard one of the instructors remind parents that it's "open window week", the one week of the month when we can actually stand at the one-way mirror and watch the class. I haven't seen Janelle's class since she started, so I thought I should stay for at least a while. After watching half and hour of stretching I decided I better check on Connor's progress. When I got home, he was watching TV! He decided he needed to wait for me before he started his good copy! Grrrrrr.... And we needed to leave in less than an hour! I got him organized, and mostly finished, before I headed back to get Janelle. Meanwhile, I sent Chris a text to make sure he was on his way home from a meeting in Hamilton. I needed to know for sure that he would be able to pick Connor up so I could bring Janelle home to finish homework and go to bed.

I didn't hear back from Chris before it was time to leave for basketball, so I tried calling him. The call was immediately sent to voice mail. I knew that probably meant his battery had died, but as the evening wore on, that excuse wore thin. The last thing he said to me this morning was that he would be in touch about logistics for the evening. Surely he wouldn't just not call. Janelle and I sat through a two-hour basketball practice, my daughter happily finishing her homework and then entertaining imaginary friends, while I foolishly allowed my imagination to run wild. By 8:30, after multiple unanswered calls to Chris's cell phone, I was sure my husband was in a ditch off the 401. I was practically picking out music for the funeral! I was in such a state that Connor immediately sensed something was wrong when he finally got off the court. I told him I just wasn't feeling well. When we got home Connor insisted I try calling Chris's office number, which I had already tried and was sure he wouldn't answer. But to appease my son, and a bit out of desperation, I tried. And my husband, who is very much alive, answered! He told me he had called my cell phone 15 minutes earlier, as soon as he got to a phone. His cell phone battery had died.... Surprise, surprise! I must not have heard the ring in the noisy gym as we were packing up to leave. It's amazing how much better I felt after I finally heard his voice!

Tonight, I'm thankful that my husband was kept safe on the road home from Hamilton. I don't know why I allow my imagination to go in those directions. I know I shouldn't worry, but after a busy, exhausting day I just can't seem to manage my emotions. Now my kids are tucked in bed, my husband is on his way home (or at least he better be), and all is right with the world. I think it's time to climb into bed myself, end this crazy day, and start over. And tomorrow, I'll try not to let my world get out of control!

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