Monday, November 28, 2011

My Christmas Book Addiction

They fill a whole bookcase!
Signs that Christmas is coming to our house:
  1. Decorations adorning every available surface.
  2. Christmas music heard from stereo speakers, piano keys, and children's mouths (and mom's!)
  3. Christmas movies whenever we want to watch them.
  4. Festive lights twinking outside our windows.
  5. And my favourite of all: hundreds of Christmas books brought out of boxes, ready to be read in a cozy chair after school, snuggled into bed at bedtime, or any time we feel like it!
A few of my favourites.
Yes, here is where I make my confession to the world (although all of my closest friends already know), I suffer from a serious Christmas book addiction. It started as a collection, but it got a bit out of hand. We have so many Christmas books that we cannot possibly read them all every holiday season. But I love them! I love to look at them. I love to hold them. I love to read them. And most of all, I love to share them with my kids. And now that I'm not teaching (and therefore not running a Scholastic Book Club — yeah, that was my downfall, all those reward coupons!) I have decreased my influx of Christmas books to only one or two a year. And this year I haven't even bought one yet! Isn't that a sign that I'm breaking free of the addiction? (Unless you count that Barbie's Perfect Christmas book that Janelle bought at the book fair, which you really can't count because #1 Janelle bought it, and #2 it does not meet the standard of my Christmas book collection.) There literally are hundreds. I haven't even gotten them all out this year. I'm sure there is a box missing, but I'm not putting much energy into finding it because I think we can live without those books until next year. I think we have enough to keep us reading until 2012. We have our favourites, old classics and new stories that must be read every year. The kids are happy. I'm happy. The Christmas season has begun.

I'm thankful for Christmas books.

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  1. Have a pretty decent collection of these myself - I use the fancier illustrated ones as backdrops for some of my Christmas displays around the house. And set some up on window ledges, etc for easy access and decorating.