Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sunshine-y Attitude

I was in a crabby mood this morning. I don't deal well with pain, and prolonged pain really messes with my attitude. This morning I woke up and the pain in my neck was a bit better. I can look to the left and the right with almost no pain at all. There is still, however, a stabbing pain under my right shoulder blade that gives a sharp twinge with every step I take. It makes me grumpy.

And what makes me even more grumpy is that I don't have a car today. In order to have our vehicles registered in Ontario they have to pass a one-time inspection. Yesterday Chris took our 9-year-old Neon in. We feared it wouldn't be pleasant, but didn't expect too many problems since it passed inspection in New Brunswick in December. But of course, the mechanic found $1500+ work that needs to be done before he will give it safety approval. That also means it wasn't ready to come home last night. So I am without a vehicle today.

Chris had a meeting at 9:00. He was running late, so he needed to leave exactly 2 minutes before the kids were ready to leave for school. Which meant that I had to walk them to school. I made sure to let Chris know exactly how much pain he was causing me by insisting that I walk them to school. I'm not sure whether I caused any actual guilt, but that was my intention of course. I stepped out the door in a very crabby mood.

But there's a funny thing about beautiful, sunny mornings in May. They have a way of making crabby moods dissipate. It is an absolutely gorgeous morning. It is about 15 degrees C, and there is not a cloud in the sky. We only live about a kilometre from the school, so it was really a quick walk there and back. Breathing that fresh air had to be good for my aches and pains — and it was certainly good for my attitude. I came home feeling like I may be able to tackle a few more things on my list today. Maybe I could even scrub the floor!

But I have about 20 pages left of my book, and I think my lounge chair on the back deck would be the perfect place to finish it. Then I'll think about scrubbing the floor.

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  1. Buses are nice but sometimes I wish I was still close enough to walk. It would be better for me and the kids. My aches and pains have been making me a bit grumpy lately too. :)