Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Anniversary Day!

When we chose May 11 for our wedding day, I wasn't thinking about how someday I would have to share anniversary and Mother's Day celebrations.  It wasn't at the top of my mind at the time. But now, how do I know if those roses are for Mother's Day or our anniverary? It's a good thing the card makes it clear! But do I get taken out for dinner once or twice? Once with the kids (Mother's Day) and once just with my honey to celebrate our special day?

I really can't complain. Chris always makes sure I am sufficiently celebrated. This year Lori and Ben and Karen and John came to London on Saturday to visit with their mom, so we had a Mother's Day celebration then. Sunday we took Nana out for lunch, and then Chris and I went out for dessert and a late movie in the evening to celebrate our anniversary, since he unfortunately has a business dinner he has to attend tonight. He came home early this afternoon so we could spend a bit of time together before he had to go out. Lori came for supper and we played games with the kids before bed, and now mother and daughter are downstairs visiting, and I am writing outside Connor's bedroom door.

How my life has changed in 14 years! Fourteen years ago I had no idea I'd find myself living in Ontario. I hoped I'd be lucky enough to be a mom, but I had no idea I'd have two such wonderful kids! The one thing that hasn't changed in 14 years is the man I married. Well, he has changed in some ways, but he is still the kind, loving, brilliant guy that he was then, and I know now as I did then that I am blessed.

Below are my mother's day gifts from the kids, and a few pictures of our Mother's Day celebration. Mother's Day or 14th Anniversary — it doesn't matter which; it's all about cherishing the good things in life!

Connor gave me a necklace and coupon for three monthly breakfasts in bed!

Janelle gave me these lovely embellished rubber gloves!

Lori brought a Mother's Day cake.

The Mothers.

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