Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quiet Evening

It isn't often quiet this time of night at my house. The boys have gone flying (yes, actually flying with a friend of Chris's from work who is a pilot, and his 10-year-old son — an awesome tour of London from the air), and Janelle and I got back from her soccer game about an hour ago. She got an award tonight! Guess the coaches have figured out that the fact that she actually touched the ball three or four times and did some running is a big deal for my little dreamer. Now she is sleeping peacefully in the spare room (her just-painted room is still off limits), and her Kenny Loggins lullabyes (our favourite) are playing, very nearly putting me to sleep.

I've had a very busy day, painting the one last wall in Nellie's room. It was such a dark colour it took three coats, and I couldn't tape the corners on the other new paint, so cutting in there was misery! I am exhausted, but it's done! Both kids rooms painted, so Papa doesn't even have to touch a paintbrush while he's here. But he does need to put up a clothesline! If I know my dad, he won't be happy unless he has some kind of a "to do" list. Only one more week until Grandma and Papa are here. I can't wait!

The peaceful strains of "Inchworm" are floating out to me, along with Janelle's precious snores, and I'm feeling an irresistible calling to my book and to the couch. I think I'll go enjoy the last few minutes of my quiet house. The boys should be home any minute, and I'm sure they'll bring plenty of excitement with them!


  1. Isn't it lovely though to have a couple of minutes to yourself now and then?

  2. Actually flying? How cool is that?!
    Hope you get your clothesline.