Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Home Again, Home Again!

I have had two complaints today about the fact that I haven't posted in over a month. At least I know my mother loves me! So Mom and Lynn, this one is dedicated to you!!!

"The best part of vacation is coming home". I've heard that quoted so many times, but I've never quite believed it. I cherished our vacation this summer, especially. It was so good to see family and friends and fall back into the routines and friendships that we've nurtured for so many years. There really wasn't time to see everyone! A month for vacation sounds like a lot, but it honestly wasn't enough. Summer in the Maritimes is truly the best time of year, and I am grateful to have been able to experience it once again. This post is primarily pictures (a lot of them), but they really don't represent all that we did in NB this year. We had a wonderful time, and made so many memories. Can't wait to go back next summer!

Cousins -- so happy to be back together!

The Birthday Kids!


Connor loving the kayak!

Fun and friends at the cottage.

Janelle tried her hand at fishing while the other kids swam. She certainly made the best of her situation!

Buddies enjoying the lake.

As far into the water as I'd let Janelle go.

The view from the cottage veranda.

Ready to go for a ride!
The MacPhees' beautiful cottage.

Swinging from a buoy!

My beautiful sister and her gorgeous daughter!

Connor having the time of his life!

The Queen of the World!!!

What could be better?

August 5 -- Janelle's 7th Birthday

We tried to think of a place to celebrate that didn't involve water.
Crystal Palace!!! She loved it!

She even got Grandma on the roller coaster. I think SHE loved it, too!

Birthday cake (courtesy of Grandma) at Nurnie's house.

Happy birthday, Seven-year-old!

We celebrated at Taylor D's house in Fredericton with Janelle's favourite friends that she's been missing. Both Taylors' birthdays were that week, too, and Avery came to share the fun!

BFFs -- Taylor and Janelle!

A special treat for Connor -- a long bike ride with Nana! Look at those big smiles!

And the cast is finally off -- "I'm free!"

So happy to see Hailey! She's growing so much! She gave me an art lesson at her house! My niece has talent!

Back to the cottage one more time so Janelle could finally get a dip in the lake.

An extra day in Montreal on the way home. Janelle loved playing with little cousin Madeleine!

One last picture in Montreal before my second battery died. Good timing! Vacation is officially over!

Now we're home and settling in pretty well. I was so lonely the first week that I couldn't even think of writing a blog post. Now I've cheered myself up with some new furniture and preparations for a visit from the Moores. Busy, busy, busy! Can't believe school starts next week! Then I'll officially be back into blogging mode. I promise!!!

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