Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Treadmill

Not a real treadmill. Sadly that is still leaning up against the wall in the basement waiting for its home to be completed. But on Tuesdays I feel like I'm on a treadmill!

In the morning, I'm in denial. I clean up the kitchen from breakfast and lunches while the tv drones on in the background (because I have to be in the mood for a quiet house). I might read a book, or catch up with friends on Facebook. I have a leisurely shower. Then I look at my to do list for the day. Usually it includes some shopping or laundry, and it always includes getting an easy dinner started for when the treadmill is really on a roll. Today it's crock pot beef stew. At three-thirty I either pick up the kids, or wait for them to be dropped off by my neighbour. Then I run through Janelle's piano lesson with her to make sure she has met all the goals for the week set by her teacher, and make sure she gets her homework done before we need to leave for her lesson. I also nag Connor to get through his homework right away because, hey, it's Tuesday! At 4:45 we head out to Janelle's piano lesson, at 5 o'clock, for half an hour. Sometimes I drop her off and come home to make sure dinner is ready for when we get home at 5:45. Today, since dinner is in the crock pot, I'll be taking Connor for a quick trip to Party Packagers to see if any of the Halloween costumes inspire him, since he still hasn't decided what he's going to be this year. Pick Janelle up at 5:30, run home and hope there's not much traffic, serve dinner. The kids program at the church starts at 6:30, so Connor and I drop Janelle off there. Usually I have to have Connor ready for basketball before we leave to drop Janelle off at the church, because while she's there I take him to Chris's office downtown so they can go to basketball at Mother Theresa High School, at the opposite end of town. Tonight we've decided that I'll take Connor to basketball myself, since I've never seen his new team play. Chris will come home and pick Janelle up at the church at 7:30, then bring her home and put her to bed. Connor's basketball goes until 8:30, when we begin the half hour trip home. At that point I expect I'll put Connor to bed and fall asleep myself. Two weeks ago when the boys got home I was already in bed. That's Tuesday!

By the way, Chris and I went to our community group last night and left Connor and Janelle with a sweet 13-year-old girl who lives just around the corner. They loved her. I loved that they loved her! And she's coming back next week! Yahoo! Maybe we'll actually plan a night out together one of these days. Ahhh... that's a whole other blog topic...

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