Friday, October 29, 2010

November Challenge

I just got a message from my friend and fellow blogger, Denise Nielsen, who informed me that November is National Blog Post Month. She challenged me to write a blog post every day in November. It didn't take long for me to consider that -- after all, I wrote a blog post for every school day last spring! So how hard could it be? But this challenge includes weekends, so I'm going to have to dig a little deeper.

I know I've been a little slack in my blogging this fall. I've tried to stick to my "3 days a week" goal. I've been in a bit of a slump. There just isn't much going on in my life that is very interesting. My biggest concern is that my blog posts are going to be really mundane! Do I really have something interesting to say for 30 days straight? I feel bad for my poor readers.

However, I remind myself that reading my blog is a completely voluntary thing. I'm not forcing anyone to do it. And I know my mother is going to love me no matter how boring my writing is! So I'm really doing this for me. But knowing people are reading it does help...

Meanwhile, I have to head to the grocery store, and if I'm going to write every day starting Monday, I better get stocked up!

(In case you weren't already thinking it, yes, this is "Mundane Post #1").

Happy Halloween everyone!
Connor, Janelle and a friend, just home from school on orange and black day.

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  1. Ready, set...

    I'm going to put some links up to fellow NaBloPoMo writers - if you get a chance to read some of their blogs they might inspire you. THe community thing is one of the most fun thing about blogging and I'm going to make an effort to visit some new blogs and leave comments. If there's any blogs you recommend...well, you can always make it one of your November posts.