Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One Word

Why, when I had such a good streak going last week, have I not continued adding to my blog this week?

One word.

A word that strikes fear into the hearts of parents everywhere.

A word that seriously ranks right up there with horror movies and surgery for me.

A word that I naively thought I would never have to deal with as a parent.

A word I have learned so much about in the past two days.



Poor Janelle. She has such beautiful hair, and so much of it! I have never wished her hair was short before today. It takes over an hour to comb through it each time. We've done it twice so far, and I plan to go through it again tonight, and every day for another week or so. And she is an absolute angel, not complaining even once about the pulling or the long time sitting still. Oh, and did I tell you, she's also sick with a miserable cough and cold?

So I am far too busy checking heads (none of the rest of us have shown evidence -- Hallelujah!), doing laundry (and more laundry, and even more laundry), vaccuuming, tying up bags of stuffed toys, calling the pharmacist to find out why those critters are still wiggling a day after treatment (not to worry, I did it right, and I'll just have to remove by hand for a few days), and trying to keep up with all the things that were originally on my "to do list" for the week. No time for writing.

One more word: EXHAUSTED!

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