Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Disney Dizziness

We told the kids at Christmas that this is the year we'll finally be taking a family vacation to Florida. We know we'll be going in March. We know we'll be spending part of the time in Zephyrhills with Chris's Dad and Doreen. We know we'll be making a long-awaited visit to Disney World. That's about all we know.

This morning Doreen called just to check on the dates we plan to travel, which led Chris and I to sit down and finalize when we actually plan to go. So now we at least have a timeframe. But now I'm also full of questions.

For example: How many days do we need at Disney? Do we want to visit all the parks, or choose a couple of them to focus on this time? Do we need hopper passes, or will regular passes do? What about water parks? And do we stay at a Disney resort, or a nearby hotel off Disney World? Do we spend a few days in Orlando and then commute from Zephyrhills for a couple of days? Do we buy a Disney vacation package with dining including? If so, do we need table dining, or will quick meals suffice? And most importantly, how soon do I have to have all of this figured out?

I would be happy to accept any and all advice available. I've decided to devote today to Disney research. I don't want to go anywhere today anyway. The rain has finally turned to snow, the world is white, and I am cozy inside. My gloomy moodiness has turned to Disney dizziness! Does anyone have a cure?


  1. Leanne, a lot of your decision making will be determined by what your budget can spend a fortune and go super first class, or you can be more conservative and do many things costing a lot less. It just depends on what your preferences are. There are many good hotels not far from Disney with shuttle service to/from the parks--and much less expensive. There are plenty of places to eat at the parks--fast food as well as sit-down places. Does Janelle want to do the breakfast with the princesses? My granddaughters loved it--at both Disney World and Disney Land--probably worth the cost. As to how many parks...again your personal preference but I'd say just a couple. It can be overwhelming to children, to say nothing of the adults, to try to fit in all of them. Do a couple, do them well, and plan to go back in a few years to do the others. Our clan loved Epcot...

    1. Thank you,Hazel! Definitely lots to think about! We're looking into renting a vacation home now. I think that might be the way to go for us, although we may be a little bit late booking.