Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My backyard today - January 17, 2012. What???
I am not innocent of complaining about the weather in January. I can recall far too many mornings when the car wouldn't start because it was -30C outside. Living on Crocket Street in Fredericton, I was forever complaining about the height of the snow banks as I was trying to back out onto the busy street. And last year in London I was appalled by the terrible condition of secondary roads where snow removal was all but ignored. So I hate to complain today, when it is 8C outside and only a few stubborn patches of snow remain in the corners of our yard. But I will. It is absolutely gloomy out there, and the gloom seems to be invading my home as well.

Here in Canada, our bodies and minds are used to the changing of the seasons. Like clockwork we prepare our yards, cars, homes and closets for winter. Last year in London it arrived with a vengeance, almost before we were ready for it. Connor had already worn out a pair of snow pants by this time last year. But this year, it doesn't seem to have arrived at all, and I'm finding it a bit unsettling. In fact, it's a little creepy, like global warming is becoming all too real in our own town. It is a frequent topic of conversation: "Can you believe this weather?" "Is it still raining out there?" "Yep, but it's better than snow!" Well, today I would like to object to that conclusion! It's not better than snow! This is JANUARY! There is supposed to be snow on the ground! When the kids come home from school, I should be able to send them out to play in the snow! Who wants to play in the mud? It's too cold to have fun outside without snow. There is no tobogganing, no snowmen, no snow angels. I can't sit by my window and watch thick snowflakes gently falling on my street. No, instead I am listening to the rain beating against the windows, and I don't like it.

I guess the gloom outside has affected my mood. Tune in next week, when, inevitably, I'll be complaining about shovelling and below freezing temperatures. Gotta love living in Canada!

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  1. We've had snow and (worse) freezing rain all week and there is plenty of complaining going on (though not from me since I love the snow and the freezing rain was considerate enough to fall on a day when I didn't need to brave the roads, so I got a day home with the kids).I agree that there is something gloomy about grass in January. Years of conditioning? Canadian glutton for punishment? Glad the dog video made you smile.