Monday, October 3, 2011

Apple Land with Cousins!

Don't tell my husband, but there are some things about fall that I just love. What better way to spend a rainy autumn day than a trip to Apple Land Station with cousins? Okay, so we could have done without the rain, but we had enough fun that a return trip is already planned for next fall — with a check on the weather report first, of course!

An apple orchard with a train! It doesn't get better than that!

The whole gang — besides the photographer, you-know-who!

Sweet Remi! Always ready to share an apple, or a hug!

All aboard!

The Labelle Family

The Haines Family

Janelle and her little admirer, Madeleine!

Time to go home. Last smile before braces tomorrow!

Goodbye Apple Land!
We had a great weekend visit with Kate, Pierre, Maddie and Remi. The kids had a blast together, Chris and Pierre made lots of noise, and progress, in the basement, and Kate and I did lots of talking and had a long and wonderful trip to the used bookstore. We rounded it out with a trip apple picking just before the Labelles headed home. We are so glad they've moved to Ontario! Now we can look forward to another visit next weekend for Thanksgiving dinner in Burlington at Lori and Ben's. Mmmm.... Thanksgiving dinner, another thing about fall that I love!

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