Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday, Janelle!

For the past two years at the beginning of February I have written a blog post dedicated to Connor, in honour of his birthday. My kids don't mind being regular subjects of my blog. I don't know how long it will last, but for now they really love being highlighted here. But it occurred to me the other day that I've never written a birthday post for Janelle. Her birthday is August 5, which is usually a pretty busy time of year for us. Last year we were still travelling in NB, and this year we had just returned and were still unpacking and entertaining company from away. So I've decided it's never too late to focus my spotlight on my little girl for a day.

Janelle turned eight years old last month, which amazes me as every one of my children's birthdays have all their lives. It seriously feels like yesterday that I found out I was finally the mother of a little girl. Not long after that she and I were heading off to preschool together, which was a wonderful experience not every mom gets to have. Two short years later, when she skipped off to kindergarten without me, I felt a little lost. And now she's an eight-year-old, in grade three, who is getting braces this month and has a monster crush on Justin Bieber. That's the thing about babies. They grow up. And it still leaves me stunned at every birthday.
A very happy girl, right from the start! October 2003, two months old.

July 2007, surprising me with how she taught herself to swim!

June 2008 — Our preschool graduation day.
First day of Kindergarten — September 2008

Janelle is a ray of sunshine in our house. She loves to sing and dance and make up stories. She adores playdates and parties, but is also perfectly happy playing on her own. She prefers her nickname, and is very determined about her fashion choices. She is learning to play the piano and can't wait to start dance classes next week. She is the most easy going child I've ever met, but when her heart is broken her tears will break yours. She does everything on her own timeline, and always has, as far back as starting to walk at seventeen months. Her teachers have affectionately nicknamed her "Pokey Little Puppy" and "Turtle", and sometimes I think they'd love to light a fire under her, as would I, but it's just her nature. She does things when she is good and ready, and when she does them, she does them well. She is fiercely independent, but still loves her bedtime snuggles. Sometimes I look at her and wonder where she came from, but then I realize she is a perfect combination of her dad and me. She has his courage and independence, and she is a bit of a drama queen like her mama. I pray she always feels the self-confidence that is so evident in her demeanor now. She is a beautiful, kind and creative girl, and I'm so proud to be her mom.

Happy belated birthday, Nellie! I love you!

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  1. Very cute. I find the same thing - that I have more time in May to write about Grace and Erik than I do in late Aug/Early Sept when Anna's birthday rolls around.

    For some reason I can't post with my google account today, but I think you can figure out who this is...