Monday, April 18, 2011

Dreams of Sunshine

Thirteen months ago we moved to London under false pretenses. We were guaranteed (by unnamed sources -- you know who you are!) that Spring comes earlier in Southern Ontario than it does in the Maritimes. We were also told that winter starts later. In March and April 2010 this proved true. The week after we moved in the temperatures were balmy. The kids were running up and down the street in tshirts on March Break. I had a lovely suntan started the first week of April. We had moved to the "sunny south". Hmmmm...

Flash forward eight months: SNOWMAGEDDON! London receives over a metre of snow in three days the first week of December! And back in the Maritimes? Green Christmas! That snow stuck around until late March, when it finally melted under moderate sunshine. We've had a few warm days. I haven't wanted to stray far from a jacket, though. And today, on April 18th, I drove to the school in HEAVY snow! When I came home, the ground was covered. Okay, so it's mostly gone now, but merely the thought that this could happen after all the guarantees of summer temperatures in April! I've had to turn the heat back on in the house, and I'm still shivering.

But I have hope! Three weeks from today, Chris and I will arrive in Mexico for the vacation we've waited fifteen years to have. Guaranteed sunshine. No kids (thank you Mom and Dad!). Just the two of us, celebrating our fifteenth anniversary under the palm trees. Of course, I know what this means. The day I leave for Mexico, temperatures in London will soar to 30 degrees! But I don't care. Southern Ontario will never have this view:


  1. Oh this will be nice! Can I come in your suitcase?


  2. Have a Great Beach Vacation!
    Happy Easter to All Also. Should be fun with the extra kids running around.

  3. You need to write again and show pics from your trip!!! You are not blogging nearly enough!