Friday, January 22, 2010

Never Simple

The house on Crocket Street is sold. I think I mentioned that in my last blog. The "Sold" sign is up, and we've made the big trek to London to purchase a new home. It was a miserable week, and I hope I don't have to shop for a house again for a long time, but we came home with a new house. I was planning to post a picture of the "Sold" sign beside a picture of my new house. But now I'm not sure which house is my new house.

Why can't life just be simple? We chose a house we loved. The owners didn't want to sell it to us. One day, and many tears of discouragement and frustration later, we found another house to fall in love with. This one we were able to reach a deal on. One day, and many dreams of relaxing in my new Jacuzzi later, my husband began his bout with Buyer's Remorse. I encouraged him to just enjoy it! Let the other house go, and start dreaming about the one we have! Sure, it's smaller and more expensive and requires a lot of work to really feel like home, but IT HAS A JACUZZI!!! And it is the house we have.
Several days later: Email from the realtor in London. The owners of the original house may be willing to sell with a 160 day closing. That is 5 months! And we already have a house! Well, maybe we can get a release from that deal. And maybe we can get the bigger, less expensive, more comfortable house (without the Jacuzzi) that we first wanted. And maybe the people who bought our house would exchange monetary compensation for a longer closin date. That's a LOT of MAYBEs!
I voiced my strong opinion that we just stick to the plan for a while. Then I decided to let it go. Life is never simple. But both of these houses are lovely, and in wonderful areas to raise a family. If I just sit back and let it happen (with my wonderful husband making all the phone calls), in just a few days I'll have a new house. And I'll either get to live in NB an extra 4 months, or I get a master suite with a Jacuzzi. It's a win-win situation. I'm a little curious about where and when I will move, but I'm not tied up in knots about it anymore.

Stay tuned for the outcome!

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  1. Ooh the suspense of a "to be continued" post....I'm rooting for the jacuzzi mostly because I'd like one:)