Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Pathetic Start!

The week after I started this blog I went on vacation. I had planned us a wonderful vacation, primarily because it was focused around two of my favourite beaches: Parlee Beach in Shediac, NB, and Cavendish Beach in PEI. We started out with two glorious days at the beach in Shediac, the first followed by Connor's case of sunstroke, and the second followed by my realization that I had diligently covered everyone else in sunscreen, and forgot to get Chris to do my back. OWWWW!!!!! But I got my beach vacation --- hours spent splashing in the water with the kids, and more on the beach with a good book. What could be better?

Then we moved on to PEI, where we spent a lovely couple of days with my cousin in Montague. Connor learned to kayak and shoot a BB gun. I had some great bonding time with Christy. And the adults enjoyed a rousing game of Wizard after the kids were asleep, from which I emerged the victor! Another great day!
Then we were off to Cavendish, for the non-visiting portion of our vacation—to which we were all looking most forward. I refuse to bore you with the details on my non-enjoyment of this part of my perfectly planned vacation. Suffice to say, strep throat doesn`t check with your schedule before it descends upon you, ruining any chance of more fun beach days! I did try to muster up the energy to enjoy the water slides with the kids (pre-antibiotics), share a walk on the beach (post-antibiotics), and of course visit Green Gables (the day we left for home). Not the vacation I had hoped for, but my kids, who I wanted to impress the most, had a glorious time despite Mom`s achy throat.

While we were away I thought of a dozen quirky posts I could add to my blog when I got home. Unfortunately, I blame our vacation for my pathetic start to this blog. I got out of the habit. I came home and Chris didn`t go right back to work because he had a week more of vacation. And it was the last week before school started. So we had to make every moment count. No writing happened.

The kids went back to school and I had loads of time on my hands. NOT TRUE!!! Time to put the house on the market. Time to declutter and clean like crazy for two weeks before I could even think of allowing potential buyers see my adorable house. No time for writing.
Now my house is clean, and my kids are in school, and my husband is away looking for a house for us in London, and I have found myself complaining of boredom. I checked my email today, and found myself reading a number of posts from a dear friend`s blog, and wishing I had the time and talent to write my own. Then I remembered: I have my own blog!!! I`ve just had a pathetic start to it! Time for a restart! So here I go, ready to start over again, documenting my life and the changes I`m going through as I find myself at home with no job and an immaculately clean house, and loads of time to write! Someone needs to hold me to this October Resolution of mine. See you tomorrow! (I hope.....)

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  1. I'm holding you to it...I'll be checking in regularly and sending Harry Potter Howlers (oh, if only - what a super concept) if I don't see updates - aim for 2 x a week.
    love D