Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What is Normal?

It is August 24, and life is just beginning to settle down from our "summer buzz" and return to normal. We are back from our four week vacation in NB, we don't have anyone visiting this week, and Chris was at work at 8 a.m. this morning. Normal.

Although it isn't actually "normal" yet, because the kids are still home in the middle of the day on a Wednesday. We don't have any particular routine that we are following. Connor and Janelle got up when Chris did and headed out to play in the tent that is pitched in the backyard. I made coffee, breakfast and lunch for Chris and then headed back to bed with my book. I read for about an hour and I dozed for about an hour. Definitely a lazy morning. I have some laundry I'll get to at some point today. We really need a few groceries. I have some library books to return, so the kids and I will probably make a stop at the library today. Otherwise, I'll let them run and have fun on their own. They have less than two weeks to do that now.

In two weeks they will be off to school in the morning. Chris will be gone to work. I had hoped that I would be visiting schools to introduce myself as a new supply teacher in September, but I found out yesterday that isn't going to happen. So Chris and the kids will be back to normal in two weeks, but it's time for me to establish "normal" for Leanne. Last school year I was able to create a workable routine for myself: volunteer three mornings a week, meet with the girls one morning, spend one morning getting things done around the house. I plan to volunteer again this year, but that always takes a bit of time to get going in the fall. "The girls" have both gone back to work after their year of maternity leave, so that won't be happening this year. Housework — yep, that's always here waiting for me! But inevitably, I will be in a bit of limbo for a while before my new routine begins to emerge.

Honestly, I was heartbroken yesterday when I found out that I didn't even get an interview for the local occasional teachers list. I felt like all my education and experience was really worthless if it didn't even warrent a meeting. But my husband and several friends reminded me that this could just be an opportunity. God obviously has other plans, and I just have to seek out what those plans might be. It's frustrating, but it could also be an adventure. I wonder what kind of September I'll be looking forward to a year from now.

Meanwhile, I'll keep writing. It seems that's what I always return to when I've sent my family on their way and find myself in my little corner with my computer. I'll write about how the renovations are coming along. I'll share about my search for the perfect colours to brighten up my colourless house. I'll chronicle the new activities my kids are involved in this fall. And I'll keep you posted on my search for the new "normal". I know it's out there somewhere!

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  1. What is normal? An excellent question. I suspect we would all disagree on the definition so it's something you have to find for yourself. Keep us posted.

    PS: If you delete my blog from your blog list and then add it again it should update properly - I just went through the same thing when revamping my blog.