Friday, February 11, 2011

Guest Posting Today....

Thank you for coming to visit me here at My Window on the Journey. Unfortunately, I'm not here today. You'll have to head over to A View from the Glen to see what I have to say. My friend Denise is participating in the Won't You Be My Neighbour blog party series started by The Never True Tales. The idea is to visit other blogs and get to know some of the talented people out there. Meanwhile, Denise is guest posting at Coffee and Commutes today. You can follow her over there. And if you have a few minutes, check out some of the other wonderful links listed on both of these blogs.

Denise and I have been friends for well over twenty years. We were actually in the same homeroom all through high school, but didn't really meet until university. We travelled to and from school together for four years, and had many of our classes together. We nursed each other through exams, essays, first dates and heartbreaks. Since then we have never lived in the same province (until now), but we have always kept in touch and remained close friends. Our kids are the same ages, so we share similar motherhood joys and struggles, and when we are together we never run out of things to talk about. Denise's blog inspired me to start my own, so it is truly a pleasure to have been invited to contribute a post today. Now follow the links and get started!

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