Monday, December 6, 2010

Merry Christmas, Mom!

My mother doesn't get to see my house decorated for Christmas this year, so this post is especially for her. Wish you were here, Mama!

The Christmas tree came home on Saturday, after we went to the Springfield Christmas Parade with Jocelyn, Mark and Ellie, and before the HUGE dump of snow! We got it just in time!

The tree is in the front room, in the corner by the hallway.
The banister. I found a pre-lit garland with battery operated mini-LCD lights.

It's so nice to finally have a mantle to decorate!

The kids' tree, in the family room. The rule is they can decorate it however they want. I don't think they're finished yet!
Our front door. The wreath is a birthday gift from Brad, Jody and Hailey (I got it with my gift card), and I found the prelit trees at Kohls in Indianapolis at 3 a.m. on Black Friday.
There you go, Mom! You've seen it all! But the most Christmas-y part of all of it is the view outside my window today:
30 cm down, and it's not ending until tomorrow night!

Two happy kids with an unexpected day off school!


  1. It's beginning to look a lot like your little gold christmas tree statue (pic 7).

  2. It all looks lovely! We sure didn't get your storm as they predicted. It was a little snow and a lot of rain and a little rain but they cancelled school so it was a nice surprize. I wonder if we'll get more snow. The forecast has changed a few times already.

  3. Looks great, Leanne! So, I see you're staying in Ontario for Christmas? We should try to get together. My parents are here from the 19-29th; perhaps around that it can work out? Would love to see you!!

  4. It looks beautiful!!
    Miss you