Monday, August 10, 2009

The Journey Begins

Here we go. We've broken the news to the kids. We've wiped their tears and promised they will make even better friends in their new city. We've told all our parents and made them promise to visit our new executive guest suite. We've even started looking for a cottage so we can hold onto a little piece of home and know that it's waiting for us next summer.

I've started cleaning like mad so we can put our home on the market. I'm going through the motions of making this move. But my heart isn't in it yet. My heart is in New Brunswick, and I expect it will stay here for a while after my address changes.
But this is where I will document my change of heart. This blog will follow my journey to the place that will become my new home. I know that someday London will feel like home. I know this because the three people who make home to me (no matter where I am) will live there. And that is really all I need.


  1. Good start, Leanne. You have a few things to learn about writing in HTML (ie. paragraph markers!) But congratulations on finally starting!

  2. Hey, Lee - you never told me you had started a blog. Awesome! I look forward to following you (in a clearly non-stalker sense of course)on your journey. Happy blogging.